“Special Branch 24/7 are your first choice for tree surgery in South East Surrey”

We carry out all of the following services:

  • Pruning: a general term for various techniques of removing branches. We use Dr. Alex L. Shigo’s recommendations for compartmentalisation (to prevent infection which might damage the rest of the tree).
  • Formative Pruning: taking control of the trees growth at an early stage in its development, reducing the need for heavy pruning in the future: eg: pollarding.
  • Shaping: hedges, trees and shrubs.
  • Cable Bracing: a method adopted when trees become structurally unsound. This will prolong the life and shape of the tree.
  • Thinning: for when the crown has become too thick, blocking light out for other plants or houses, selectively removing excessive branches.
  • Reducing: removing height and reshaping. Typically used in leaning and improperly weighted trees and to protect utility lines – eg: BT.
  • Lifting: removal of branches at base of tree  e.g: over pathways and driveways.
  • Section Felling: with large or heavy material been removed from the tree the surrounding features and structures are protected by roping down pieces safely  i.e. overhanging greenhouses/ roads.
  • Dead Wooding: removing the dead wood to prevent damage beneath as a source of infection for pathogens.
  • Stump Grinding: mechanical extraction of the stump.
  • Planting: we can plant trees for you.
  • Tree Surveys & Inspections: carried out for suspected diseased or over-mature trees which have become structurally unsound.


For certain types of trees, it is possible to charge a reduced rate for the job. We can then take the raw material and create new product, such as wood chip, wood pellets, seasoned logs and wood briquettes, that we can then sell back into the community and  meet the local demand for wood fuel and raise awareness to support our cause.

  • Woodchip – for use in domestic bio boilers and commercial applications
  • Wood Pellets – green waste compressed into pellets to be incinerated as above
  • Seasoned Logs – for use in wood burning stove, open fires, bbq’s and some commercial kitchens
  • Wood Briquettes – compressed green waste converted into briquettes for use as burning as above.

If you have the required type of tree and are interested in this service and wish to help your local community, please let us know when you contact us.